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At LAZZEZ’S, we present the best quality of farm fresh handpicked fruits and vegetable of all exotic varieties. Visit for a hassle-free shopping experience in Kanchanjunga, Sector 53 shopping complex or order on-line from our wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables at 


For Your Kitchen


Everyone who cooks must consider stocking the required groceries in advance to present the best tasting food on the table. At LAZZEZ’S Grocery shopping is always a personal and unique experience.

Your refrigerator, pantry, your cupboards — and, ultimately, your belly — will thank you after the best grocery shopping experience in NOIDA.


Barbecue is probably the world’s oldest cooking method. There is more to the Art of Barbecue than just how grilling works. Seasoning, marinating, injecting, caramelization and smoking in the process of grilling make a dish full of taste that you crave for.

We don’t just serve grilled food – IT IS A FLAVOR EXPLOSION AT LAZZEZ’S NOIDA.


Chow means stir-fried and Mein means noodles. Our vegetable chow-mein is loaded with veggies and spices. Its Chicken version is most satisfying, prepared with chicken, vegetables, classic chow mein noodles, and the best chow mein sauce.

We serve the most mouth watering Chinese stir-fried noodles in NOIDA, both in vegetable and chicken variations. You will simply love Lazzez’s veg and chicken Chow-Mein due to its tangy, smoky flavor and crunchy texture which makes it extremely delicious in taste. Order as an any time snack or a side for a healthy oriental dinner.



Ham is a favorite meat for every time – from family holiday celebrations to store-bought slices for simple sandwiches.

Order online your choice of boiled or smoked cured City Ham at Lazzez’s NOIDA.



Salami is a type of strong-flavored, highly nutritious sausage. It is usually thinly sliced and eaten cold.

Use it like cold cuts in sandwiches and salads or roll it in a roti for a fast munch. Planning a barbeque party is easy with salami now available online at Lazzez’s NOIDA.

Salami can be stored at room temperature for up to 40 days once cut.


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